Roof Repair

Our people have years of combined knowledge in the roof repair industry, with substantial knowledge in leading-edge technology, we guarantee that your roof will be repaired and completely leak-free by the time we leave!

We specialize in commercial roofing, and also residential roofing. This means that we can handle any roofing emergency promptly. No matter if you have a significant leak or simply want us to come to survey your property for a roof installation, we can handle any need you may have.

Frequent inspections of your roof will show any issues before it results in major damage. All roofs undergo the wear and tear of extreme sunlight, heavy rain or snow, and wind or hail damage. Our professional roofers can examine and maintain your house or commercial property, guaranteeing the longevity of your roof.

Having your roof maintained regularly may help minimize costly repairs later on. The majority of leaks can easily be repaired if dealt with as early as possible. Our roofing professionals can help you in doing ground inspections, so you can quickly spot loose shingles or other problems before they cause serious damage.

Emergency Roof Repairs

We recognize that lots of roofs experience unexpected damage, after-all, no single person can expect the sheer brutality of mother-nature. That is why Northern Beaches Roof Repairs provides fast and efficient emergency roof repair services We also look after any rusty, leaky or damaged gutters and downpipes that need repairing.

Waterproofing & Water Damage

Protect your home from Australia’s wild weather. Be it water or hail, Northern Beaches Roof Repairs can provide your home with the protection it deserves to keep your family protected and most importantly – secure.

Rebedding Ridge Capping

The corners and edges of your roof are commonly where the problem starts. Over time, the mortar and products keeping your tiles and ridge capping together deteriorates, cracks and begins breaking. In the event that your ridge capping has become completely loose, our team can also offer a repointing service. If you’re hoping to really improve your roof – Read more into our popular roof restoration service.


Our track record speaks for itself. With years of providing accurate, effective roofing solutions to homeowners across the Northern Beaches

Tile Roof Repairs

The Australian sun can be known to be harsh, this plays a big part in the deterioration of your home’s roof tiles. Receive regular maintenance to preserve the life on your roof tiles and keep them looking in great condition

Roof Shingle Repairs

Repair cracked or damaged shingles and stop water leaks. A lot of shingles are prone to cracking in the scorching sun. If your roof is more than 10 years old, your roof shingles may be incorrectly lined and damaged. Fixing them may save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Colorbond Roof Repair Northern Beaches

Our roof repair and maintenance services cover all types of Colourbond roofs. Have your Colourbond roof repaired by Northern Beaches Roof Repairs and receive an even longer protection on your roof as well as boost the value of your property.

Why Choose Northern Beaches Roof Repairs 

Northern Beaches Roof Repairs are the pioneers in delivering complete roof repair services for residential Australian homes. With over 35 years in the trade, there’s almost never a day where we have challenges getting the job done. Taking advantage of our existing industry partnerships, we only use the highest quality roofing materials and components when fixing our customer’s roofs.

Whether you’re repairing unexpected roof damage or preparing your home for a sale, Northern Beaches Roof Repairs can help. Don’t let your property go undervalued. A property’s roof is one of the first things buyers notice when inspecting their future home or investment. A roof restoration, repair or even a complete replacement will have your roof looking brand new and appeal to potential buyers – first impressions count!